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WOW! People are following me on Pinterest but I have empty boards… mmmm!

This new social network seems like it’s winning the battle so far  (compared to it’s growth and other social network sites), getting users faster than google+ and facebook together,  increasing the new internet bubble again as we have seen before. But there’s something that I don’t understand: why people are following me if I haven’t “Pinned” anything yet, ZERO, NADA, EMPTY EMPTY BOARDS.

What are they following me then? Is it just me or they’ve done it because I just signed up to Pinterest and they know me? I hope Pinterest has a tool to unfollow me if I don’t have anything on my boards.

Everyone is using this tool because it’s cool and you like things organized by categories or tags, if someone else is following you they’ll be able to see what you like. Nothing new is it?  But, what is really interesting on this platform is that everything you like is just for yourself, that’s the key on it and the other networks have forgotten it, Pinterest has recovered this concept: you first, then the rest. I believe that this network is getting famous because they understood that you want to save things for yourself instead of sharing your life and communicating.

Google is hungry to buy this tool and Facebook should start looking how to change their business by thinking more about each user and how to generate money from their own mobile app

I leave you with this awesome infographic explaining how this Pinterest tool is growing (some interesting facts; the company has just 12 people, and 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women!)