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The Ford Active Park Assist challenge. The Parisian pinball parking game.

Nice street implementation in France to show the car benefits to the worst drivers.

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The evolution of media

Since old times we talk, communicate and share but over the time we tried to find better ways to do it, here’s a video where you can learn easily about how this happend

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Featuring elements/movies in 2 seconds each on a circle shape

Nice visual treatment used to show references of movies and TinTin episodes using an iconographic and minimalist concept centered in a circle.

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Click to draw on his face

Nice and interactive banner from Burger King, check out the how your 3D drawing is moving and following the head at the same time the video is playing.

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A little bit of humor with Siri in Scotland

The iPhone’s Siri doesn’t seem so smart in Scotland.

Many in Scotland find that their voice-activated virtual assistant can’t understand them, but that hasn’t prevented the new iPhone from becoming a top seller. And also that hasn’t prevented some jocks about it.

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What is Crowdsourcing?

The importance of the user as a value generator.
View some examples

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Lovely animation and story Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Mac ‘N’ Cheese on Vimeo. And here are the creators: colorbleed,  amazing guys

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A day made of glass, V2 video

And the glass will became our future…

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