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The Ford Active Park Assist challenge. The Parisian pinball parking game.

Nice street implementation in France to show the car benefits to the worst drivers.

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The evolution of media

Since old times we talk, communicate and share but over the time we tried to find better ways to do it, here’s a video where you can learn easily about how this happend

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See the cold coming

Focus on the problem, listen to your consumer and you’ll find the solution in front of you. By reading and listening what the people were saying about the cold on twitter, these guys took every cold related word during 6 months using an algorithm that identifies the symptom. Then they displayed this content back to them on the website where everyone could see the cold coming.

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WOW! People are following me on Pinterest but I have empty boards… mmmm!

This new social network seems like it’s winning the battle so far (compared to it’s growth and other social network sites), getting users faster than google+ and facebook together, increasing the new internet bubble again as we have seen before. But there’s something that I don’t understand: why people are following me if I haven’t “Pinned” anything yet, ZERO, NADA, EMPTY EMPTY BOARDS.

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The history of the advertising

Since old times, SALES, on the future… SALES

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What is Crowdsourcing?

The importance of the user as a value generator.
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