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National Party NZ

Client:  National Party NZ

Agency:  Enlighten Designs

Year:  2014

Services Provided:  Creative and Experience Design Direction, brand comms and Art development The challenge: 

Elections are competitive affairs. In this case, we were competing with old technology and for votes against local parties having equal digital experiences, not differentiating National from other traditional messages.

They required a scalable solution to handle the large volume of daily posts, MPs info disorder and mentions across a variety of mediums. The site required a robust CMS and analytic platform, allowing nearly any analytic solution to “plug-and-play” with the data set and organise thousands of articles created by National and local MPs. Data that was confused to reach for either National or voters being the user experience one of the main subjects to solve.

Our strategy consisted of a user centred and listening platform for political brand management and competitive intelligence, A Team effort instead of just John Key:

Optimised technical information hub

Key to the successful delivery was a disciplined and strategic overall effort as a team, understanding their business goals turning them into specific and measurable digital goals. Throughout the course of this project, our digital strategy successfully engaged target on a personal level and engaged our competitors in such a way that kept them on their heels. We proved that Enlighten Designs can create digital and dynamic information platforms as powerful as Obama’s examples. I believe good design today is better than great design next year. We’ve focused on creating an effective website with a firm structural and technical foundations in order to deliver the information efficiently into different screens.

Engaging Applications and omni-channel strategy

I ensured that the website was part of an integrated online strategy that takes into account related websites and social media site. Defined clear user flows and touch points across engaging UX mappings helped National Party to identify content owners of related websites and MPs to understand the conversations with voters within social and mobile apps. The Everyday Political Citizen News Hub, which launched in 2014 to report from coast to coast with hundreds of articles for citizens showing that positive politics is possible.

Adaptable multi-message and citizen centred UX
Different stages of communication were needed to engage targets across elective periods and ongoing engagement. Democracy Talks, a national public outreach initiative that provides Kiwis, MPs personal pages were created allowing local voters to be close to their representative person and including young people and newcomers, with a platform to discuss how politics can better reflect their daily lives.



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