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Mountain Dew SkatePinball I Halo

Client:  Mountain Dew SkatePinball Park
Agency:  Colenso BBDO New Zealand
Year:  2011
Services Provided:  Digital Art Director,  Digital Designer

To launch three new flavours of its popular soft-drink, Mountain Dew decided to build the world’s first pinball skatepark in Henderson, New Zealand, outfitting the park with flashing lights, rails, tunnels, graphics, sound effects and a live scoreboard.

Riders entering the arena would be propelled around the 600 square metre area, tackling obstacles, tripping sensors and hitting ramps as they tried to score the highest total possible.

To promote this idea I designed the first online communication piece, a blog where users could watch videos following the skatepark construction and other cool stuff. The second website version was a full screen video flash development with more rich content, the 360 halo and ranking score lists. Together with this site,  banners,  facebook and online media pieces were developed and designed to promote this incredible idea.


Skate Pinball from Jae Morrison on Vimeo.



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