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La100-Mitre (Cienradios.com)

Client:  Radio La100 – Cienradios.com
Agency:  elDogma Interactive Argentina
Year:  2005 / 2007/ 2009
Services Provided:  Digital Art/Creative Director, Digital Production Manager – Web advisor & Digital Transformation

Cienradios.com emphasizes the importance of understanding the new music generation and distribution process.  It revolutionized the Argentinian digital market and has been recognized with several awards, including the Rain Internet Radio Award and The New York Festival Award as one of the “Best Online Radio” products.

The result of having worked as Digital Art/Creative Director on every radio interactive campaign as well as the UI data marketing platform delivery. The creation of a plataform based on the Long Tail Theory development that reached 1.000.000 users per month  and gave the radio the possibility to understand their customers behaviours putting back this information on a social platform related with each radio show.




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