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Jhonson&Jhonson/DePuy Internal comm

Client:  Jhonson& Jhonson Argentina – DePuy Internal communication
Agency:  elDogma Interactive Argentina
Year:  2007
Services Provided:  Digital Creative Director,  Web Advisor,  Digital production management

This Medical and bones prosthesis company ask me to release their social strategy. Not knowing the consequences of going social, my task with them was to work together to understand their social needs. Firstly, I decided to built their internal social network to get their employees in touch with each other, updated it with new product releases and found out what they could say about the company before going online.

Each location/region was named after a medieval brotherhood identifying themselves from other regions on events or e-learning discussions, as well as birthdays, employee of the month and sharing contents.

The result was that 100% of employees were engaged and the social networking of this brotherhood theme continued offline at  events and seminars,  and allowed the company to understand and learn about customer behaviours, feedback delivery, social networks and content management within the 10% of their original social budget.




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