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Intergroup New Zealand

Client:  InterGroup New Zealand

Agency:  Dunovits

Year:  2013

Services Provided:  Digital Creative/Art Director, Brand Development, Digital trasformation

The challenge:It was an exited challenge since this client lacked of a digital vision and to communicate its brand identity, being one of the biggest companies in New Zealand looking to define its brand as a group shared vision.

I worked with InterGroup leading its rebranding project and digital transformation, after several Design Thinking and visual Thinking workshops with the client and stakeholders I created an updated brand strategy platform, the creative platform as well as the multi-channel implementation. The rebranding was built on the ‘5 brand rules of the success of Interclean’ and drove me into a framework upon which the brand identity will be created. The 5 rules: 1. A brand with longevity 2. A brand that is future focused 3. A brand with the flexibility to allow its with story to unfold over time 4. A brand with the flexibility to engage multiple audiences 5. A brand that balances InterGroup values with Environmental and Technological sophistication.

It was applied successfully within the entire company and its sub companies creating a cohesive and consistent brand culture and visual representation. I’ve transformed its branding profile as it become a stronger and high professional identity in New Zealand.



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