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Sherwin Williams Argentina

Client:  Sherwin Williams Argentina / Ask Sherwin campaign
Agency:  elDogma Interactive Argentina
Year:  2008
Services Provided:  Digital Creative Director

Sherwin-Williams wanted a new generation of consumers to “Ask Sherwin-Williams” in Argentina so a multi-media campaign was re-introduced “Ask Sherwin-Williams” as the brand statement that stands for expertise in all painting projects.

The fully integrated campaign featured television, print, radio, online banner advertising, blogs  and a site that dynamically changed based on the banner / message a customer would interacts with. The site featured tips and tricks for those interested in learning about how to paint, choosing colors, what types of tools to use, and how to be environmentally responsible while painting.

The result was an impressive decrease of money spent in Call Centres as the outcome of creating a social on-line platform (using Twitter and Facebook as social tools to be updated and aware of paint questions) where every experimented user could become  a “Sherwin painting guru” gaining points and status by delivering, answering and sharing experiences, tricks or teaching those who were asking for help. New products where launched throw the on-line platform increasing the direct and personal relationship between consumers and trade.




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