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Dump The Big Six

It’s a nice artistically way to sale green energy from Ecotricity. Collapsing cooling towers, the imagery was inspired by web artist Herman Bailey’s“Sad Chimney” gif. Herman is credited as part of the creative team behind the campaign.

The campaigns starts with the viral video and with a Facebook app “Dump The Big Six”.



Additional credits:
Account Director: Simon Oldridge
Creative Director: Henry Cowling
Project Manager: Jude Offord
Creative Team: Herman Bailey / Man+Hatchet

Viral film:
Production Company: Man+Hatchet (with Helpful Strangers)
Director: Fredrick Aven (Helpful Strangers)
Character Design: Helpful Strangers
3D Animation / VFX: Tony Lymboura
2D Animation: Matthew Keen
Sound Design: Tristin Norwell
Video Editor: Barry Fearn
Music: Unique Tracks
Song Title: Porgi Amor, Qualche Ristoro (from “The Marriage Of Figaro”)
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1786)

Developers: Henry YP Ho (Monkiki)
Interactive Director: Fredrick Aven (Helpful Strangers)
Design: Helpful Strangers
Character Design: Helpful Strangers
2D Animation: Giulia Barbera
VFX: Tony Lymboura